The English National Team… Where to begin?

With England’s youth teams and female squads winning tournaments or at least reaching the later stages, what is the excuse of the men’s team?

Gone is the excuse that English players aren’t getting enough minutes in the domestic campaign, the vast majority of the squad are key players for their clubs.

England tend to play well in spells, however, over 90 minutes we don’t even compete. Look at the last two games, Scotland a team that any top-tier national team, your Spains’s, your France’s and your Germany’s would be looking to beat with at least a two-goal cushion. In England’s case, it took us until stoppage time to rescue a draw!

The next game was against France, admittedly a better team than the Scot’s, however, when they are down to 10 players, England should dominate, did we? Not in the slightest, France with a player less had more possession and ultimately were a class above England.

Former England international Chris Waddle has the best excuse for me, “We’ve been saying this for a long time, we are not as good as people try to make us out to be.” If we aren’t that good or don’t have the capability to be that good, then fans wouldn’t have these built up expectations.

In this country, we have some of the world’s best clubs and best facilities in the world, Football is our national sport and the most popular by far. It’s been 50+ years since our men’s national side won anything, in the last 50 years are you telling me we haven’t put out a squad that could and should have won something? B*****ks. I can name multiple. 2002? 1998? 1990?

Therefore, the question remains, are we no longer an elite team and are our chances of winning another international tournament all but gone?


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