The Chelsea Loan System.

If a club like Chelsea come calling, most people can be forgiven for having their heads turned. Mainly due to the success they have seen in recent years, being in and around the title picture and competing in the Champions League.

However, the methods that Chelsea have used to achieve this success are questionable. They currently have no fewer than 37 players out on loan to clubs both domestic and internationally.

Lower down the Football League ladder, a vast number of teams currently have a Chelsea player on loan. Tammy Abraham at Bristol City, Lucas Piazon at Fulham, Isaiah Brown at Huddersfield and Alex Kiwomya at Crewe to name just a few, are all standout players for their loan teams. Although with Chelsea making big name signings year after year, do these youngsters really stand much chance?

For most, the case is that no, they are likely to never pull on a first team jersey. However, a couple of them will likely become bit part players, in cup games etc. The rest will be forced to use their connections made while out on loan to find a team when inevitably, Chelsea sell or release them.

This, therefore, raises the question should this be allowed? If all these players returned to Chelsea, they would by far and away exceed the permitted squad size. Meaning a lot of these players are going to be stuck playing U23 and reserve team football, and I can imagine for a large majority, they would rather be playing first team football a division or two lower.

Effectively, Chelsea are stockpiling the talent. They want to be in control of as many players as possible so that their rivals can’t make money or gain success from them.

In the long run, it can’t be healthy for a player’s career to be spending a season here, there and everywhere, eventually they need to set down roots and settle for bringing out their best football, and for most this isn’t going to happen at Chelsea.


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